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Archangels of Healing; Raphael and Mary

Archaeon Raphael is a Regent Prince of the Cherubim, and he works with the many angels of healing. Raphael’s name means “God heals” or “God has healed,” based upon the Hebrew word rapha, which means “doctor” or “healer.”
Raphael is a powerful healer of physical bodies, both for humans and animals. Raphael is a wonderful aide when it comes to safe travel, assuring that all of the transportation, lodging, and luggage details go miraculously well. He also helps those on inward spiritual journeys, assisting them in their search for truth and guidance. Archangels Raphael and Michael often work in tandem to exorcise troublesome spirits and escort away lower energies from people and places.(from Doreen Virtues book Archangels and Ascended Masters).

Archangel Raphael--“GOD has Healed”
Archangel of HEALING, prayer, love, light, joy, science & knowledge (Face West for angel work )
Essential oils and Ingredients for Raphael's Blend by YELLOWSTAR*essentials:
Organic essential oils of: Myrrh, Palmarosa, Rose, Bergamot, Geranium, Sandalwood, Helichrysum, & other therapeutic grade essential oils that correspond to Archangel Raphael & Vit. E in purified water.
Raphael is one of the four presences set over all the diseases & all the wounds of children. Raphael is charged to heal the earth. He is the regent of the sun, Chief of the order of virtues & overseer of the evening winds. Angel of prayer, love, joy, light, science, and knowledge. Above all, he is the angel of healing.

The emerald green ray (associated w/ Rahapel and Mary) beams strongest on Earth on Wednesdays.
Raphael also Helps with:
  • Addictions and cravings, eliminating and reducing
  • Clairvoyance
  • Eyesight, physical and spiritual
  • Healers, guidance and support for
  • Healing, for humans and animals
  • Pets, retrieving lost
  • Space Clearing
  • Spirit releasement
  • Travelers-relating to protection, orderliness, and harmony

More about Raphael & Mary:
Many of his healing missions have been recorded in the Bible, such as curing Jacob's wounds, healing Abraham's pain and taking a "medical book" to Noah after the Flood (I expect he needed it!) He has also been referred to as a "Guide in Hell", which is a place that surely needs healing, and this shows that his mercy and care of all beings is without limit or judgement. Raphael works on the green ray, the violet ray and with the green flame of truth, healing, abundance and science in companionship with the Ascended Master Hilarion and with the violet flame in companionship with Tzadkiel and Master Germain. In symbolic portrayals he may be seen carrying a vial of balm (a healing salve) and often also a staff, representing wisdom. It is this staff that you will see represented in the symbol of Caduceus - the twin serpents entwined round a rod that is the symbol of healing and healers.
His etheric Temple of the Sacred Heart, shared with his twin flame Mareia, Lady Virtue, is situated over Fatima in Portugal, and they also share a retreat with Jesus and the Ladies Mary-Rose and Nada in the Arabian Desert NE of the Red Sea, alongside the Angels of Peace. The Lady Virtue is best known for her incarnation as Mary, the mother of Jesus, but we feel that was but a small part of who and what she is in her Archeia role. Within her strength is an immense femininity and a caring, compassionate and nurturing nature.
She tells us this: "In my role as Mother Mary I bring hope to the hopeless, and compassion to those in need. And you should know this now: each of you too is a Divine Mother." She went on to explain that just as our planet Earth is the soil for growth of the Christ Consciousness, and just as she birthed Jesus the Christ, so too do we have the Christ child within us - our Higher Self incarnating as the child within. We are each therefore in the process of bringing down and into ourselves our Divine perfection.
The colour with which Raphael is often associated is green. This colour represents nature, healing, balance, renewal and harmony. Raphael's energy to us is soft and enveloping and balm-like. It feels cleansing and clarifying as well as nurturing and healing, and although it is very gentle it is amazingly powerful. Raphael's main attribute that we associate him with is, of course, healing and he is charged with healing both our planet Earth as well as all of her inhabitants. For humanity this is not limited to our physical bodies. He is the true holistic healer who recognises that our feelings, thoughts, emotions, situations and how connected we are to God (and our Life purpose) all contribute to our health, or lack of it. He may also be called upon for healing of the animal and plant kingdom. As a part of his role is for healing humanity, he is also responsible for healing between nations - quite a task when so many people live in conflict. He also supports doctors and healers, as well as overseeing and supporting all new developments in healing sciences and new therapies that are developed.
Raphael is associated with the element of air, which is symbolically linked with the intellect. This is reflected in the fact that he does not simply heal us. To do that would be to take our power away from us. Instead he encourages us to work with our intellect and he helps us clarify and understand why we are ill or in pain. He then shows us how to be whole again. Raphael told me: "In order to get to a state of balance there needs to be harmony within the physical, emotional, mental, physical and of course spiritual bodies. And the way in which harmony will be achieved - whether you see this as harmony; wholeness; completeness; or perfection - is to see, identify and act upon the areas within those bodies which need cleansing, transformation or adjustment in some way, in order to restore them to their true and perfect completeness. To identify the wholeness that underlies the integral pattern that is conceptualised and developed by the individual before they incarnated, and which carries the patterns of past lives, behaviours, karmic debts, deeds and burdens that are the complete blueprint for the individual's current existence at this time. Some of these patterns, habits or belief systems come with you when you incarnate for adjustment and clearance, or for at least some measure of understanding of them and their consequences to be reached. And little by little these things may, if you choose, be cleared and reconciled to reveal the true Self"
His focus is our spiritual development, for it is by learning and growing that we progress back to God. And the Angels and all the Great Enlightened Ones are our helpers and guides in this journey. It is therefore an important part of his role that he shows us the spiritual learning steps behind our illnesses and conditions. What is the message behind our illness; why are we in pain; what can we learn from our experience; where are we straying from our life-plan? It may be that we have chosen to experience a time of pain, disability or illness. Or it may be that we are in a state of dis-ease, having moved away from our natural state of perfection. Illness can be severe enough to make you radically rethink your life-style, or may be a gentle nudge to change an attitude or listen to your inner guidance. Personal growth is to do with how we face difficulties in our lives, not what the outcome of those difficulties is. Additionally what we learn is not just for our own benefit, but may be used to help and advise others on their journeys too.
Raphael heals us by restoring us to perfect order through connecting us with the power of Divine love. And when we have turned away from love he brings ways to show us it is always around us, even if we cannot or will not see it. He nourishes and strengthens us, allowing us to be rejuvenated, regenerated and renewed on all levels, and to help us help ourselves he guides us to find the right healer, then supports us in our healing process and finally supports us in remaining healthy. When the situation is not directly of our making, he will intervene when lives are injured by chaos, disorder and war. He is always there in the background mopping up after our mistakes yet constantly reminding us of our choices and our potentials, and showing us the path back to unity and God. Above all he is our comfort and our guiding Light.
The Staff of Raphael and his Wisdom heals me.
His soothing balm comforts me.
The energies of the Angels and the Stars restore me.
Wholeness, perfection and peace is my path.


I am comfort. I am solace. I am the healing balm that soothes and restores. For in knowing me you are once again in touch with your core - your true Selves, where all is perfection. For perfect you were born as souls into this world, and perfect were you as you left the Divine flame and one True Heart as sparks of infinitesimal light all those aeons ago. Call on me for righteousness, for resolution and for knowledge of and a return to your perfect completeness. For I can be your guide on your journey of exploration and can help you see and acknowledge the elements that come together to make you what you are.
I ask you to look within - but also look without. Acknowledge the beauty and perfection of your Earth Mother, for she is learning and evolving just as you are. Take time to be with her and truly see her in all her glories. Wonder at the colours of nature. Connect with her spirit and allow her peace and tranquillity to surround you. Let the green-ness of the natural world restore your spirits and refresh you, reminding you of the perfection of each new beginning. For in the springtime the first hints of green appear and bring with them a hope and a promise of the potential glories to come. Of birth, growth, renewal and the blossoming of life, and the certainty that the circle of life is never ending. So that in the autumn when the leaves fall from the trees we may remember that we never die. We simply are reborn again into wholeness and hope.
You are, in truth, perfection.
And so be it. - from;
Archangel Raphael and his healing angels serve on the emerald green ray, the fifth ray. His name means God has healed or God shall heal. The Zohar, a Jewish mystical text, says that Raphael is charged with healing the earth as well as healing men. In Christianity, he is revered as the angel who healed the sick at the pool of Bethesda.
The divine complement of Raphael is Archeia Mary, who embodied as the mother of Jesus. The ascended masters have revealed that God called Mary to take embodiment so that she could some day be the mother of Jesus. In preparation for this mission, Mary served long ago on Atlantis and worked in the healing temples of that continent.
Archeia Mary is often called by other names such as Mother Mary, the Blessed Virgin, and Queen of the Angels. Mother Mary holds the immaculate concept for each soul on earth. You can call to her to help you attune to your innate divinity. Rosaries are frequently given as a powerful way of invoking her assistance.
Archangel Raphael and Mary work with students in mastering the light of the third-eye chakra. The third-eye chakra and the green ray deal with wholeness, vision, truth, healing, science, holding the highest concept for oneself and others, and the desire to manifest the abundant life on earth. The fifth ray archangels can also provide inspiration to musicians, singers and composers for the creation of healing and inspirational music.
You can also call to Mary and Raphael for healing in times of illness, when you need the vision for a particular project, or when an increase of resources would enable you to better fulfill your divine plan. And, you can call to them to heal your soul of present difficulties or past traumas. Following is a brief prayer for healing you can give anytime:
Raphael and Mary, I ask for [name]
to be healed of
in accordance with God’s holy will.

I AM God’s perfection manifest
In body, mind and soul—
I AM God’s direction flowing
To heal and keep me whole!
From the book "Angels of love and Light" by Linn Fisher and Illustrated by Marius Michael-George; buy it here
Archangel and Archeia of Healing and Concentration
Green Ray
Archangel Raphael and Archeia Mary are the healers. To mankind, they represent the qualities of truth, concentration and healing. Their ray, emerald green, is the color of the "third eye" chakra. Their goal is to teach mankind how to develop inner vision. They help us to be seers of truth.
These archangels work on the fifth ray, a shimmering emerald green. It makes perfect sense that this ray is the third eye chakra in Eastern thought. The third eye gives us the power to visualize and to bring into manifestation God's plan for our lives and allows us to see the abundance he intends for us.
The green ray sends its healing glow down to the earth most strongly on Wednesday. The ruling archangels of this ray reside above Fatima, Portugal, in the etheric plane.
Archangel Raphael is the legendary healer. His ray is the color of spring and rejuvenation. Green is the healing color of nature. It combines the bright, yellow power of fire, like the sun, with the grounded power of nature, the earth, to create beauty and vitality all around. It is the green of life-giving chlorophyll, created by the sun's action on the fertile earth, that restores man to health, sustaining and connecting him to his Creator. It is also the color of many healing vegetables used in cleansing diets.
Likewise, in history Raphael is depicted as the healer. The very name in Hebrew means "God cures." In The Bible, Raphael cures Abraham of the pain of his circumcision, which he underwent late in life.
In the Bible, Raphael acts as guide to Tobit's blind son, Tobias who journeys to Media from Nineveh. Along the way he defends Tobias against the demon, Asmodeus. He is thus thought of as the angel who watches over those undertaking a spiritual pilgrimage, seeking spiritual healing or transformation. In paintings by great masters such as Botticini, Titian, Lorrain, Pollajuolo, Ghirlandaio and Rembrandt, Raphael is often portrayed as carrying a walking stick, symbolizing the Staff of Life.
This angelic healer also taught Tobias how to enter safely into wedlock with Sara, whose seven previous grooms all died on their wedding night. "He caused me to have my wife and he chased from her the evil spirit," says Tobias. "He gave joy to her parents. Myself he delivered from being devoured by the fish; thee also he hath made to see the light of Heaven; and we are filled with all good things through him."
Raphael is one of three archangels mentioned by name in The Bible. Raphael is the angel sent by God to cure Jacob's thigh injury after Jacob's battle with a dark enemy. In the famous legend of the flood, Raphael handed Noah a "medical book" when the rain had stopped.
St. Raphael is regarded as the patron saint of the blind in Catholic teachings. According to Butler in his book, Lives of the Saints, Raphael is also known as the patron saint of nurses, physicians and travelers.
Archeia Mary was embodied as Mother Mary, the mother of Jesus. She is the aspect of grace, God's gift of mercy, compassion and protection. As the flame of concentration, she sustains and nurtures God's children. She consolidates energies-the act of focusing one's attention on a particular vision or achievement. Such concentration focuses the mothering sustenance of birth.
Archangel Raphael and Archeia Mary also work with people on their ability to visualize the "immaculate concept," the vision of their perfect selves. They help us understand science. They nurture our creative talents. As the angels of healing, they assist doctors and nurses. They direct colorful, healing currents of energy into homes and hospitals where healing is needed.
Perhaps you know someone who wears the color green all the time. They may have a tremendous need to heal themselves or others. Surgeons wear green in the operating room. This marriage of healing with concentration brings help to mankind, as powerful as the life-giving combination of sun and earth in the natural world.

Archangel Jeremiel

"Mercy of God"
When you ask for Archangel Jeremiel's presence in any situation he gives you and everyone involved mercy and guides you toward love and kindness. He will help you to see your life from a loving and tender perspective and enable you to make necessary changes that benefit you and everyone.

He helps souls on both sides of the veil with life reviews. If you find yourself reflective upon your present life and past experiences, He is probably there helping you see it with clarity.

Archangel Jeremiel will also help you with clairvoyancy abilities in your waking and dream life. Call upon him with any concerns regarding your future and he will guide you with love. You will know you're receiving Archangel Jeremiel's guidance because you see your life with new vision.

Archangel Jeremiel helps with clairvoyance and prophetic visions; life reviews and making life changes; psychic dreams, including their intrepretations.

The stone associated with Jeremiel is Amethyst.

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Archangels; their purpose and crystals

This page is designed to give you information on all of the Archangels, their purpose and how each one helps us, so you will know who to call on when you are in need. There's also information on which crystal to wear or carry with you to help you attune to their energies.
Remember that you can never call on them too often, or "overload" them as they are able to help multitudes of people simultaneously - they are there waiting to help you, and love to be asked.
Simply call on them by name, either out loud, or just talk to them from your heart.

Archangels information from:

Archangel Ariel
Name meaning: "Lioness of God"
Assists with courage and prosperity. Archangel Ariel will help us to believe that all things are possible and will help those of us who call upon her to manifest positive results through our beliefs and intentions. Ariel also oversees the elemental world (fairies, sprites etc) and is involved with healing and protecting animals, fish and birds too.
Crystal affinity: Rose Quartz.

Archangel Azrael
Name meaning: "Whom God helps"
Azrael's chief role is to help people to cross over to heaven at the time of physical death, assisting them with the transition. If you have lost someone, you can call upon him to bring you comfort and support. He will also assist with healing the heart and can also help us to sleep better at night and put our minds at ease when worried, lonely or stressed.
Crystal affinity: Yellow Calcite.

All content copyright ©2009, Marius Michael-George

Archangel Chamuel
Name meaning: "He who sees God"
Will help you with love, confidence and career matters. Chamuel can lift you from the depths of sorrow and find love in your heart. Chamuel helps us to renew and improve existing relationships as well as finding our soul mates. He works with us to build strong foundations for our relationships (as well as careers) so they're long-lasting, meaningful and healthy.
Crystal affinities: Fluorite and Rose Quartz..

 Archangel Gabriel
Name meaning: "Strength of God"
Aids us with creativity, communication, the ability to guide others and nurturing the inner self. She is a powerful and strong Archangel, and those who call upon her will find themselves pushed into action that leads to beneficial results. She also assists with conception, childbirth, adoption and parenting, and loves to help us nurture our own inner child too.
Crystal affinity: Citrine.

Archangel Haniel
Name meaning: "Glory of God"
Will help us with energy, mothering and passion for life. She also helps us to appreciate and love ourselves more. It is also said that she can help to recover the lost secrets of natural healing remedies. You can also call on Haniel to help bring beauty, harmony and loving friends into your life.
Crystal affinity: Moonstone.

Archangel Jeremial
Name meaning: "Mercy of God"
Guides us through change and solving problems. He is able to help us make life changes, by helping us to review our life so we can correct things we are unhappy about by making positive adjustments, thus making us stronger and leading us along the right path.
Crystal affinity: Amethyst.
Archangel Jophiel
Name meaning: "Beauty of God"
Helps us to nurture our dreams, disperse clutter from our lives and to connect with nature. He will illuminate our creative spark by giving us ideas and energy to carry out artistic ventures. He also helps us to see the beauty in all things, including people. As well as helping our creativity, Jophiel can be called on if you need more joy and laughter in your life.
Crystal affinities: Pink Tourmaline or Pink Rubellite.
Archangel Metatron
Will help you with motivation and organisation, also chakra alignment, and may send you spiritual guidance through your dreams. He likes to work with children too, (particularly psychic or sensitive children) and he loves to help those of us who work amongst the younger generation.
Crystal affinity: Watermelon Tourmaline.
Archangel Michael
Name meaning: "Who is like unto God"
Michael is the leader of all the Archangels and is in charge of protection, courage, strength, faith, truth and integrity. He protects us physically, emotionally and psychically. He stands ready with his sword to protect all who call upon him for assistance, and he helps to dispel our fears and worries too, giving us the strength and guidance to see us through any darker times that we may go through. Call upon him also to cut through any cords which bind you to people or past memories, enabling you to move forward with your life.
Crystal affinity: Sugalite.
Archangel Raguel
Name meaning: "Friend of God"
The “Archangel of Justice and Fairness”, he helps to resolve arguments, assists with cooperation and leads to harmony in groups and families. If asked, he will offer assistance toward discovering balanced, harmonious, peaceful resolutions to disputes and disagreements, both in our personal and professional lives. He also helps us to sort out our inner feelings.
Crystal affinity: Aquamarine.

Archangel Raphael
Name meaning: "Healing power of God"
Raphael is a very powerful healer and assists with all forms of healing - humans and animals. He helps to rapidly heal body, mind and spirit. He's very sweet, loving, kind and gentle. He is also the Archangel in charge of travel, and you can call upon him for protection and safety before embarking on any journey.
Crystal affinity: Malachite.
For the Archangel Raphael Healing Prayer - Click Here

Archangel Raziel
Name meaning: "Secret of God"
He is said to know all the secrets of the universe and helps with spirituality and clairvoyance. He can open you up to higher levels of psychic abilities and increase your ability to see, hear, know and feel Divine guidance. He also helps with alchemy, divine magic and manifestation.
Crystal affinity: Clear Quartz.

Archangel Sandalphon
Sandalphon's chief role is to carry human prayers to God so they may be answered. He assists us with peace, tranquillity and faith, and helps us to appreciate all the miracles (however large or small) in our lives. He is also the Archangel associated with music and you will feel his presence more strongly when you listen to music, sing, or play a musical instrument.
Crystal affinity: Turquoise.
Archangel Uriel
Name meaning: "God is light"
Helps us with ideas and inspiration, and is considered one of the wisest Archangels because of his intellectual information, practical solutions and creative insight, but he is very subtle. You may not even realize he has answered your prayer for help until you've suddenly come up with a brilliant new idea.
Crystal affinity: Amber.

Archangel Zadkiel
Name meaning: "Righteousness of God"
Will help us with clarity, forgiveness and new ideas. He also assists with emotional healing. He works on the rays of transmutation (change from one form/state to another). Place all your troubles and difficult relationships within his flame so that all negativity is transmuted into positive vibrations.
Crystal affinity: Lapis Lazuli.

Angel Healing

Angel Healing Cards....

For a beautiful angel healing, just ask your angels to be there for you and heal you with their light and love...