Saturday, July 12, 2014

Favorite Angel Artist

My all-time favorite angel artist is:
William-Adolphe Bouguereau ....a true art genius. He's not just my favorite angel artist, but my favorite artist of all time. I have a beautiful copy of this print in my home and my better half had it framed in a gorgeous gilded fine art was the best birthday present ever, and for my favorite painting too...what could be better than more Bouguereau?

His work is beyond beautiful,'s truly remarkable and no other artist even comes close. (well... there is one... but he is next on my list).........

 Click here to see Bouguereau's full extensive free cataloge on WikiCommons;
wikipedia bio:(French: [buɡ(ə)ʁo]; November 30, 1825 – August 19, 1905) was a French academic painter and traditionalist. In his realistic genre paintings he used mythological themes, making modern interpretations of classical subjects, with an emphasis on the female human body.[1] During his life he enjoyed significant popularity in France and the United States, was given numerous official honors, and received top prices for his work.[2] As the quintessential salon painter of his generation, he was reviled by the Impressionist avant-garde.[2] By the early twentieth century, Bouguereau and his art fell out of favor with the public, due in part to changing tastes.[2] In the 1980s, a revival of interest in figure painting led to a rediscovery of Bouguereau and his work.[2] Throughout the course of his life, Bouguereau executed 822 known finished paintings, although the whereabouts of many are still unknown.[3].

Then.....there is Marius... my next favorite............ a must-see for angel lovers.

 Marius Michael-George.(click to see his bio)
He is a true visionary and creative genius. His work is beyond Earth and stretches to Heaven.......

I am enamored with the beauty. You simply must see his work.
all angel art by Marius Michael-George

Here's his Bio from
Marius Michael-George is a classically trained visionary artist and art teacher who specializes in Sacred Art. He is a native of Eastern Europe born in Bucharest - Romania and presently divides his working time between an art studio in Paradise Valley, Montana and Art Gallery in Mt. Shasta, California.
Scanning the unseen through the "eyes of the soul," Marius creates images that become portals into other realms and invite the viewer to participate in a spiritual experience.
Angels, Faeries, Saints and Ascended Masters seem to feel at home in his studio and whether in ethereal bodies or physical form, they are the main protagonists of his compositions.
Marius studied painting with one of the most prestigious masters of classical art in the U.S., Frank Mason, at the Art Students League in New York City and afterwards he was trained in the system of classical realism at Atelier LeSueur and Atelier Lack in Minneapolis.
His original oil paintings and murals are found in public and private collections across North and South America and Europe and all artwork is published internationally as prints and cards.