Monday, July 9, 2012

Archangel Michael Essential Oil Blend

This is the original Yellowstar Essentials Archangel Michael Blend made with undiluted essential oils only. 
Carriers (as in carrier oils such as; Sweet Almond, Grapeseed, Cocoanut, etc.) are added after your blend has a little time to meld together.   

Archangel Michael Blend 
all angel art by Marius Michael-George

TOP NOTES (drops) 
Elemi 10
Lemon 3 
Ravensara 3
Lemon Blossom 7
Bergamot 4

Jasmine 3 full drops
Rose 2 full drops
Neroli 3  full drops
Lavender 5
Hyssop 3

BASE NOTES (drops) 
Sacred Frankincense 3
Myrrh 2 full drops
Galbanum 2 full drops
Atlas Cedarwood 7
Star Anise 1
Sandalwood 3

If you want to use this blend for an anointing oil, perfume oil, or the like, add beeswax and carrier oils to the consistency you like. (wax must be melted and stirred into warm carriers, then cooled to see the thickness and consistency of your final product... it can always be remelted and more wax added). 

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ARCHANGEL MICHAEL (Beshter, Mikail, Sabbathiel, Saint Michael)

Archangel Michael’s name means ‘he who is like God’.
Archangel Michael’s functions are to oversee Lightworker’s life purpose and to rid all toxins associated with fear.  He also assists with bravery and heroic deeds.
Archangel Michael guides and directs people who feel unsure of their life purpose or soul mission, and provides guidance in regards to which positive steps to take.
Archangel Michael inspires leaders, bolsters courage, gives direction, energy and vitality, offers protection and motivation, and increases self-worth and self-esteem.

The essential oils to use for protection, security, safety, empowerment, releasing fears and overcoming obstacles with Archangel Michael are:

Anise Star  -  Aniseed  -  Black Pepper  -  Cajeput  -  Carnation  -  Clary Sage  -  Clove  -  Cumin  -  Elemi  -  Frankincense  -  Galbanum  -  Geranium  -  Ginger  -  Hyssop  -  Juniper  -  Lavender  -  Lime  -  Melissa  -  Mimosa  -  Myrrh  -  Niaouli  -  Oak moss  -  Palmarosa  -  Pimento Berry  -  Pine  -  Rosemary  -  Sage  -  Sweet Fennel  -  Tea-tree  -  Thyme  -  Valerian  -  Violet  -  Yarrow

To banish negativity and dispel phobias, apprehension and anxiety with the help of Archangel Michael, use one of the following essential oils:

Bergamot  -  Camphor  -  Chamomile  -  Eucalyptus  -  Hyssop  -  Lavender  -  Lime  -  Mandarin  -  Neroli  -  Peppermint  -  Rose  -  Sage  -  Sandalwood  -  Sweet Marjoram  -  Ylang Ylang