Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Essential Oils to use to Connect with your Angels

I love angels, and essential oils too!
There's nothing like the feeling of light surrounding you with love and reminding you how special you are....
Angels are precious gifts, thank them for protecting and guiding you...
Here's a post I found that is perfect for which essential oils to use to help you connect with your angels...

In The Fragrant Heavens, aromatherapist Valerie Ann Worwood writes about using aromatherapy to connect with your angels. Worwood believes that fragrance attracts angels because the vibrational effects of fragrance are the closest thing in the physical world to the vibrations of angels. However, the fragrance is just a connection; you still need to use good intent and purpose in asking your angels for support.
The best essential oil to connect with your angels is a very personal matter, and you'll need to experiment to find what works for you. Here are just a few of the possible essential oils that Worwood lists to communicate with angels:

  • ·         Angelica seed if you feel uncertain or spiritually neglected.
  • ·         Basil to clear a muddled mind.
  • ·         Bay if you tend to dwell on the past and want to look forward.
  • ·         Bergamot to clear away fogginess.
  • ·         Birch to clear away physical barriers.
  • ·         Black pepper for protection.
  • ·         Cardamom to connect the spiritual to the physical.
  • ·         Cedarwood for wisdom.
  • ·         Roman chamomile to bring inner peace and joyfulness.
  • ·         Clary sage for harmony and purpose.
  • ·         Coriander for guidance for change.
  • ·         Cypress for dealing with grief.
  • ·         Frankincense to send love and prayers.
  • ·         Grapefruit for uplifting and joyful appreciation.
  • ·         Lavender for harmony and compassion.
  • ·         Myrrh for understanding and compassion.
  • ·         Orange to bring the joy of your angels into your heart.
  • ·         Peppermint to remove barriers.
  • ·         Ylang ylang to calm a troubled mind and bring self-forgiveness.
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thank you!