Monday, July 27, 2015

fighting for Florida's most precious resource

Have you ever dove into a spring so clear blue and refreshing that it changed everything you ever thought you knew about natural springs?

This photo was snapped looking over the edge, standing on the diving platform at Blue Springs March 2015

There is nothing like it in the world; the exhilaration and delightful feeling of jumping into 72 degree clear cerulean springs on a hot summer’s day in the sacred spaces of Florida’s hidden treasures. I’ve never felt such pure euphoria and connection to my surroundings as those times swimming in the natural Florida springs. There is nature at its purest form gurgling out from below, tickling your toes and daring you to dive into its depths to witness the primordial bubbles still pumping volumes of our most precious resource on Earth. From the first time and after each subsequent visit to our state’s liquid gems I am left in complete awe of nature at its finest.

Check out the slideshow of some of my photos from Blue Springs here; 

I recently visited  a string of natural springs that blew my mind, and I don't put that out there lightly.

In the past my comrades and I  have not only visited, but camped and canoed or kayaked many of our state's most beautiful springs. It's like a natural cure for anything that might ail you.

To protect this amazing gem I won't be listing the exact location of this spring, but for those of you who have seen this precious sapphire sparkling in the wouldn't forget it - ever.

Read about this place, and the vital importance of saving our springs in this poignant article and beautiful slideshow on here.

We tend to gravitate to the places that resonate with us the most, and when it comes to tourism, we can't help it, we end up visiting many of the same places over and over again.  Now, more than ever we need to be aware of our 'footprints'. They could be annihilating the very things we hold so dear. 

Florida boasts many of the world best beaches, but we also have a little secret....there are more natural springs in Florida than anywhere else in the states .

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