Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Evidence of Angels

Open your eyes.

Open your mind.

Open your heart.

They are with you every day.

They are everywhere.

They are angels.

Open and begin your journey. . . .

Everyone could use some Angel Wings sometimes, DJ "The Wingman" (Charlotte, NC)
This review is for: Evidence of Angels (Hardcover)
I found out about this book after visiting the Authors website and was impressed by her work. I didn't expect what a gift this beautifully printed book would turn out to be for me. It is about how Angels inspire us to access the strength inside us all to better manage life's joys and sorrows. Scalora's message is simple, direct and doesn't stand on religious pretense, it's universally human in its delivery and it brought tears to my eyes the first time I read it. It's a book you want to leave out so you can pick it up again. As a picture book by itself it's superb. Each page contains stunning color photo illustrations that ride with the text like a friend and do not overpower the message. I find myself repeatedly attracted to this treasure. It's the kind of book that will give a parent as much as it gives the children and friends they share it with. "Evidence of Angels" is dedicated "To every person who has ever felt alone", I feel it is a book for every person with an open heart and the will to follow it. A gift to all and a joy to read. This inspired vision won't disappoint. I bought multiples to share with friends and family this holiday season.

About the Author

Suza Scalora is the bestselling author of The Fairies, which was named one of the ten best picture books of the year by Newsweek magazine. Her second book, The Witches and Wizards of Oberin, continues her journey into the unseen world. Ms. Scalora lives in New York City.

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