Monday, June 14, 2010

Musing on the Oil Spill (Angels on My Shoulder)

 Thanks Susan for sharing this, I completely feel the same way. We should be finding ways to send love into the area instead of fear, and also using all our wonderful technology for finding new ways of using alternative energies to power our grid :)

"I often wake up early and spend an hour or so meditating, praying and reflecting. I've been seeing images of the live feed of the oil spill and this morning began musing about the fact that we have the technology to watch the oil come gushing out but see unable to stop it.

As I was meditating this AM I was also wondering how many of the people who voice concern about the oil spill helped create it in the first place. For years now I have grown fruits and vegetables because I enjoy doing it, used solar hot water and this year I put solar electric panels on my roof to generate my own electricity. I try to make sure my footprint on this earth is as loving and gentle as possible.

A long time ago I realized how powerful my everyday choices are in my life and the lives of those around me. The angels show me a world of love and I can share that love freely or be miserly and think only of myself.

In February I am leading a retreat to Baja to spend 5 days with the whales. Once you have looked into the eye of one of these amazing beings life is never quite the same. I love the ocean and this planet. I know that everything is perfect and that each event is an opportunity to deepen our connection with our limiting beliefs or with our divinity. I get to make that choice moment by moment, thought by thought and action by action.

As a nation what choices will we make in the days to come? Will we add more love or anger to this planet? When we see images of wildlife dying will we judge or open our hearts and pray? This world, our leaders and the CEOs of the world need more love and divine guidance and not more anger, judgment and fear.

Help me imagine the light of love filling the region and everyone affected even remotely by this oil spill, including you and me. The angels have the power to work miracles and a miracle sure would be nice.

With love , 

Angels are everywhere just open your mind and your heart to the signs.


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